Projector DMD Chip

DLP is abbreviation of "Digital Light Processing", is the Digital Light Processing, that is to say, this technology to the image signal through Digital Processing, and then the Light projection.It is based on TI (Texas instruments) company developed the Digital Micromirror Device - DMD (Digital Micromirror Device) to complete the visual technology of Digital information display.Say specific point, is the DLP projection technology application chip digital micromirror device (DMD) as a key element to realize digital optical processing.


Its principle is to the cold light is emitted by UHP lamp through the condensing lens, through the Rod (light bar) will light homogenization, after processing, the light passing through a Color Wheel (Color Wheel), will be divided into RGB trichromatic light (or RGBW more Color), there are some manufacturers use the BSV LCD splicing technology lenses to filter the light transmission, then Color projected by the lens on the DMD chip, the final reflection through the projection lens imaging on the projection screen.