ESP-01M ESP8285 WIFI Wireless Transmission Module IOT 1MByte Flash


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ESP-01M ESP8285 WIFI Wireless Transmission Module IOT 1MByte Flash

Tiny WiFi module uses ESP8285 chip, which has complete and self-contained WiFi network functionality. So it can be regarded as a standalone application, also be run as slave from other host MCU.

This chip integrated enhanced 32-bit core processors of Tensilica’s L106, and it has on-chip SRAM. The advantage of ESP8285 is both hardware and software are mature enough, and it has 1M Byte Flash inside.

The main frequency can above 160 MHz, and the series rate can be as high as 4Mbps. It has GPIO, IIC, UART, PWM, ADC and some more interfaces. Completely compatible with ESP8266, so we can use original code.

This module can be used on smart home, such as domestic appliance, intelligent socket/lamp, baby monitors. In addition, it also can be applied on electronic industrial, such as sensor network, industrial wireless control product parameter module structure diagram and so on.


  • Frequency up to 160MHz
  • Built-in 10 bit high precision ADC
  • Support UART / GPIO / IIC / PWM / ADC and other interfaces
  • Integrated Wi-Fi MAC / BB / RF / PA / LNA
  • Supports multiple hibernation modes with standby power as low as 1.0 mW
  • Embedded Lwip protocol stack
  • Support STA / AP / STA + AP working mode
  • Support Smart Config / AirKiss a key distribution network
  • Serial port speed up to 4Mbps
  • Universal AT command can get started quickly, you can brush Web configuration firmware
  • Support serial local upgrade and remote firmware upgrade (FOTA)


  • Size: 18*18*2.8 (±0.2)mm
  • SPI Flash: 1MB
  • The type of interface: UART/GPIO/ADC/PWM
  • The quantity of IO put: 11
  • Series rate: 300-4608000 bps, the default is 115200bps
  • RF range: 2412-2484MHz
  • The type of antenna: onboard PCB wire
  • Transmission power: 802.11b: 16±2 dB (@11Mbps) 802.11g: 14±2 dB (@54Mbps) 802.11n: 13±2 dB (@HT20, MCS7)
  • Receiving sensitivity: CCK, 1Mbps: -90dB CCK, 11Mbps: -85dB 6 Mbps (1/2 BPSK): -88dBm 54 Mbps (3/4 64-QAM): -70dBm HT20, MCS7 (65 Mbps, 72.2 Mbps): -67dBm
  • Power consumption: Continuous transmission→average value:71 mA, maximum value: 300 mA. Modem sleep: 20mA Light sleep: 2mA Deep sleep: 0.02mA
  • Security: WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK
  • Supply voltage: 3.0V-3.6V
  • Supply current: >300mA
  • Working temperature: -20℃-85℃
  • Storage environment: -40℃-90℃,<90%RH