MSC8144AMC-SA AdvancedMC MSC8144 DSP Development Boards & Kits


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MSC8144AMC-SA AdvancedMC MSC8144 DSP Development Boards & Kits

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Msc8144amc-s provides an AMC debugging environment that engineers can use to develop applications for the MSC8144 series freescall DSP.Msc8144amc-s single-width AMC board is composed of 4 MSC8144 DSP.

Each MSC8144 device has 256 MB of 32-bit DDR2 memory.High throughput of serial RapidIO ® can be four MSC8144 interconnection and connected to the backplane.Serial RapidIO interfaces are interconnected by serial RapidIO switching devices and can operate in either x1 or x4 mode.On the control platform side, the MSC8144 RGMII gigabit Ethernet port is connected to the backplane port via an Ethernet gateway.You can also choose to use the Shared TDM interface to connect each MSC8144 to the backplane's extension port.

For implementation boot, MSC8144 shares a serial I squared C bus and EEPROM.An EEPROM can be programmed using the primary MSC8144 or an online programmer that is attached to a socket.AMC circuit board management is handled by a module management controller based on freescale MCF5213.The circuit board is provided with power-on sequence, heat exchange function, temperature sensing and FRU recording storage.Multiple debugging and programmatic plug-in terminals are deployed on an extension card connected to the front panel.

Providing a variety of design resources helps speed up the development process for customers and third parties, and greatly reduces the time designers take to market their products.


Four MSC8144

4 SC3400 enhanced StarCore DSP cores, frequency 1 GHz

16 alus, delivering performance up to 16,000 MMACS

512 KB Shared M2 memory

10 MB 128-bit bandwidth Shared M3 memory

DDR storage controller: 200-400mhz

QUICC Engine module

8 TDM interfaces

Two gigabit Ethernet interfaces

ATM controller, UTOPIA interface is supported

Serial RapidIO ® (sRIO) port, support 1 x/x 4 patterns

Serial peripheral interface (SPI)

Gigabit Ethernet gateway

Provides routing and switching of Ethernet interfaces from each MSC8144 via SGMII to the front and back panels.

Onboard memory

Each MSC8144 is equipped with 256 MB DDR II(separate type)

Module management controller (MMC)

Support heat exchange

State of the LED