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P5020-RDB Reference Design Board For QorIQ P5020 Communications Processor - Boxed Product (Development Kits)

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The QorIQ P5020 reference design board (p5020-rdb) is a flexible system that supports dual-core P5020 processors.Its frequency can be extended to 2.2ghz, and has a rich input/output (I/O) combination, p5020-rdb can be used to develop enterprise and data center network, telecommunications, industrial control applications, its high performance, high efficiency of the kernel and high integration makes it very suitable for multi-core control platform processor.

P5020-rdb can help you speed up the product launch.The system performs most of the functions of the device and is equipped with a comparison tool that can be used as a reference to implement custom circuit boards for system-level hardware development.It can also be used to evaluate customer software development and performance.


Kernel complex

QorIQ P5020 dual-core processor based on 64 - bit e5500 Power Architecture ® senior kernel

Up to 2.4ghz running frequency, 64-bit ISA(compliant with Power Architecture v2.06)

There are three levels of instruction: user, superuser, and hypervisor

Mix 32-bit mode, support legacy software, and smooth transition to 64-bit architecture

Data connection and networking

1 Gb Ethernet - RGMII and SGMII

10 Gb Ethernet -- XAUI (copper wire) or XFI(optical fiber)

PCI Express 2.0



Supports two bufferless DDR3 DIMM modules

8 GB memory

NAND/NOR flash memory

The eSDHC interface

Basic peripherals and interconnection


USB 2.0

Debugging (JTAG and AURORA)

Other features

For external Symmetricon IEEE ® 1588 option card connector

Temperature monitoring

Supported device

P5020: QorIQ P5020 64-bit dual-core communication processor