SBC8641D vxworks653 Wind River MPC8641D Development Tools


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SBC8641D vxworks653 Wind River MPC8641D Development Tools

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Wind River SBC8641D provides a stable platform for software and hardware designers to evaluate, prototype, and develop in parallel with their final application designs.SBC8641D also provides a platform for software designers to develop and test application code.Please consult the shopkeeper for details!

SBC8641D evaluation board main resources: 

- > Freescale MPC8641D processor

->2 Banks of 256MB of DDR2 SDRAM running at DDR400 speed (each bank on different DDRMC)

->128MB of Local Bus SDRAM using a 100-pin DIMM.

 ->16MB of on-board Flash memory (Dual boot ROM)

-> 64MB One Nand, Flash File System.

Block - > 8 KB EEPROM.

->Four Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) ports via front-panel RJ45 connectors

Connectors >Two rs-232 serial communication ports via mini-db9 connectors

- > (2) by 8 PCIe connectors